Florida Loud Music Killer Indicted

Many of you are familiar with the teen who was shot to death for apparently playing music too loudly. The unexpected and violent death of a teen is always tragic, but this one hits even closer to home, as the teen’s mother was a co-worker of my wife.  The law will now take its course.  The Florida grand jury has indicted the shooter on first degree murder, but the prosecutors do not plan to seek the death penalty.  Vigilantism seems to be on the rise, in light of the recent incident where a wheelchaired man shot a women after she bumped into his chair.  And of course in light of the Travon Martin killing.  Rebels without a cause, but with guns, believe that taking matters into their own hands (and clinching the trigger) is a viable response to the annoyance of loud music, or being bumped by a woman in a parking lot, or a suspicious looking African American teen with skittles.  Let justice be served.